In Unity for CUNY


Message from President Sandy Tucker

Hello and Welcome to Local 384's updated, and newly designed Website. Let me start by taking this opportunity to say Thank You to the Local 384 membership, for the continued support you have shown me as your Local President. The Executive Board and I have worked diligently to make this website informative and user friendly.

This support is what gives me the energy to continue the fight towards achieving the betterment of all things that we, as diligent workers and union members expect and deserve, Your support is what keeps this local effective and strong.

A few years back, I chose GET INVOLVED as the slogan for Local 384. Get Involved means not only being involved with your local, it means Get Involved with your community and other union organizations and committees. As public employees, we know that Politics play an important part in our jobs (wages, and working conditions) what better way to Get Involved than to be active in Political Action functions. Some Political Action functions are held at Union Headquarters, 125 Barclay Street, some functions are held in your neighborhood, making it easier for you to Get Involved. DC37's PEOPLE (Public Employee Organization to Promote Legislative Equality) holds community meetings. What better way to become Politically active than right in your neighborhood. Joining PEOPLE as a Local 384 member says I am a proud unionist, I support my Local and I am not afraid to GET INVOLVED.

Last but not least, I want to say, the same way you show support for Local 384 and its causes, show this same support for the leadership of DC37. Their agenda includes Local 384, MARCH, PICKET, RALLY, SHOW UP; don’t be afraid to GET INVOLVED.

For information about future Union Functions please contact your shopsteward.